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    Also, let’s not forget the process for that Compa drawing!

  2. Nope, still not letting go that inside joke.


  3. Update time!! (No, seriously)


    [Soooo, I got an anonymous ask about the state of the game. I lost the picture of the ask because I’m an idiot]


    youhavethewrong: OMG, do you worry about the game? Were you looking forward to it? Did you play the Demo? Did you like it??


    Junko: SHUT UP!!! I’m trying to watch Yu-Gi-Oh! over here!


    youhavethewrong: Junko this is great! Somebody actually gives a damn about our game!


    Junko: Don’t get your hopes up. I bet they’re just surprised at how inhumanly lazy you are.


    youhavethewrong: Anyway, I think it’s about time we give an explanation!

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  4. I have no funny comment to add.

  5. youhavethewrong:

    It took me a while to grasp it, but THAMARA’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE

    (That’s actually a pretty accurate description for The Crack)

    If you don’t know who the young lady here is, she is Thamara, the main character of The Crack. I hope you enjoyed!

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    Dude, FUCK Madoka Magica x Selector Infected Wixoss. The new hot crossover this season was born to made is called KOKO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE!!

    Why should I ship crossover this?

    1.- In both stories the protagonists have avatars that are reflections of themselves and fight for them.

    2.- In both stories the protagonists’ avatars are the most powerful of the group

    3.- Both are real fucked up!!

    4.- Both have a main character who’s name and surname share a syllable.

    5.- Both have sexy poses

    6.- IT WAS ME, URIS!

     So if you want to crossover to crossover Madoka with something, why not God of War? Because for me, Koko’s Bizarre Adventure is a match made in heaven!

     Final note: I plan to crossover Wixoss with everything I like. Next on the list: No Game No Life.

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  7. Message to the new followers before I have the chance to dissapoint you


    First of all, thanks, I hope you like my blog.

    2nd, before you inevitably unfollow me because my blog sucks, you should check out the webstory I’m currently writing, The Crack. It’s about this girl that is being targeted by an alien race because they think she’s the cause of tears in reality that are destroying the universe. Along her way she meets an Angel, a Robot, a Spirit, and a Time traveler (in that order) and they all together look for a way to stop the destruction of the universe.

    It’s really weird, I don’t really get it.

    But if you want to get hooked on a crazy-ass story brought to you by the jackass bringing you those stupid Wixoss comics, and Danganronpa: Despair Model, you can follow the link above or below:


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    I’m sure this ship sails so neatly because Iona sucks at choosing her words.

    Also, did you know the dialog in the first panel is the exact same one from the episode?

    Bonus Panels:



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  9. For some reason I do this thing that whenever I learn how to draw a new character, I gradually draw their hair more and more fucked up

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    My prediction on how Ep. 8 of Wixoss will develop.

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