1. dr-despair-model:

    Danganronpa: Despair Model first playable version is available!!

    That’s right! This version here is the Pre Alpha 0.0000001 version of the game! It practically has absolutely nothing in it, but you’ll be able to test the few features the game already has, such as playing as Junko, having a wholesome conversation with your sister, walking in 8 directions really fucking fast, and just doing random senseless shit.

    It doesn’t have a story or anything, but make sure you give it a play and send us feedback about what you think.

    Note: Those screenshots over there are actually in the game.

    Note 2: Yes, the finished game will be this serious.

  2. A “quick” doodle of Junko Enoshima from Dangan Ronpa. At least I hope that is easy to realize which feeling I’m trying to show here. Hint: Is not hope.

    Also it would help to remember that I’m making a game about this character, called Dangan Ronpa: Despair Model. 
    You can check out all the updates regarding the game development process, in it’s official blog, dr-despair-model.tumblr.com.

    I hope you all like it, and have a nice day.

  3. "I am Matoi Ryouko, champion of freedom! On behalf of humanity, I will right wrongs and triumph over tirany, and that means you!"

    [Deviantart Link!]

  4. God DAMNITI love how the art is coming out in this week’s The Crack update.


    So I started playing Shin Megami Tensei: Persona and my first impression is THIS GUYS WALK REALLY FUCKING FAST

    Also I like how they just keep mashing against a wall when there’s no door.

  6. Original.
    As close as I could get with DreamSelfy.
    As close as I could get to the DreamSelfy version.


    [The Crack] Thamara - Types

     I had some free time after drawing today’s panels, so I had some fun drawing Thamara!

     The first one is the original design. The second one is as close as I could get with DreamSelfy. The third one is as close as I could get to the DreamSelfy version. And I’m not going to lie. I like the 3rd one better. I would totally use it on The Crack if it didn’t defeat the purpose of Thamara looking like a normal girl… but she looks so cooooool!!!! (and not to mention that I need to keep the design simple so I can draw the panels “quickly”)

  7. The Crack - Panel #541
    The Crack - Panel #543


    I feel like I’m getting slightly better.

  8. Ragyo: Life Fibers are kinda cool, I guess.

     (It’s transparent! It isn’t really relevant in any way, but the point is that is fucking transparent)

  9. youhavethewrong:


    First Sprite for the game done!

    If anyone wonders, this is the art style the game will feature. Look forward to seeing your favorite characters in this style!

     Hey everyone! I’ve got a super important announcement to make. I’m now making a Dangan Ronpa fan game! Yoohoo!! It’s called Danganronpa: Despair Model.

      In the game, you’re going to play as Junko Enoshima in her first weeks in Hope’s Peak Academy. The gameplay, for now, consists in solving different puzzles and tasks in order to drag your classmates into despair without getting caught. Is not a serious game, so I plan to make it fun through story and dialog.

     It’s going to take really long to finish because as you know, I go to college, and also work writing The CrackBut you can follow the development blog above, dr-despair-model-tumblr.com
    where I will be posting the advances in art and story.

     If you have any questions, suggestions, feel free to send them at the development blog. I hope we can all have fun with this game. See you soon!

  10. "Proper Girls Don’t Dress Like That"

     The first official entry for my new folder "How To (Not) Be A Proper Girl" which will be a satire of “lady” sandards.

     The collection is meant to explore the ridiculously uptight procedures a “Proper Girl” must follow, which just adds up to the ridiculous standards a Normal Girl must follow.

     I mean, everyone has to have some dignity. Regardless of your gender, partying all night, getting drunk, and having sex with anyone will always be considered objectively wrong (mostly because of you health, if we consider the Liver and the STDs). But for years, in an attempt to keep young people (mostly women) as alien as possible from this behavior, a series of ludicrous rules and standards have been set. This only gets worse if you’re being raised as a “Lady”, which in worst cases ends up suffocating people so much the plan ends backfiring completely, creating a party animal.

     This one is specifically is mostly a joke, because the doll here (which I still don’t name) is wearing a corset [A hellish contraption wich has awful effects on health just for the sake of looking thinner], and yet walks around bare breasted.

     Now, I’m not telling you to walk around like that as a way to protest. You have to be careful, because Rapists exist. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you it’s your fault if you get raped for the way you dress, OF COURSE it’s the rapist’s fault for being a sick bastard. But you have  to be careful, because after you’ve been assaulted it won’t really matter who’s at fault. Is an awful way the society works, but that’s the way it works.

     Leaving behind all my social commentary, I hope you all liked it, and I hope you enjoy the collection I’m planning.

    [Important note: No sexual connotation was intended]